The Wedding Guild Series: Wedding Day Responsibilities For the Groom


Although the bride, all done up in her gorgeous dress, is usually what people focus on when thinking of a couple's wedding day, we can't forget her equally important counterpart, the groom! After all, you can't have a wedding without a bride and a groom. On one of the most important days of his life, not only does the groom need to be present, he also has to do his part in making sure things go smoothly. While we all know the wedding planning and preparations fall into the hands of the planner, with decisions being made by the bride and her maids, the groom still has his fair share of responsibilities that he must fulfill.

To keep things simple and easy to follow, we've created a "Groom's To Do List" to ensure you're the best groom on the block. 

1. Securing the Rings and Marriage License
First, and most importantly, is making sure you have your bride's engagement ring and/or wedding band, your wedding ring, and the marriage license.

These are essential to ensure a smooth ceremony, plus we would hate for you to have to borrow a ring to exchange and without a marriage license, you won't legally be getting married. 

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2. Indulging in Sentiment
Although it is not a requirement, sending a little something to your bride on your big day is a sweet gesture that will go a long way.

You might consider sending her favorite coffee or breakfast, a personalized handkerchief, perfume, and you can never go wrong with jewelry and a beautiful jewelry box. Whatever you choose, don't forget to include a personal and heartfelt note or letter.       


3. Looking Your Best
This is the day you've been waiting for and one you cannot replicate, so looking your best is a must. Whether you're wearing a custom suit or renting a tux, remember to have any alterations done and don't forget the finishing touches, such as a tie or bow tie, vest or cummerbund, cufflinks, a belt, socks, and shoes.

Be sure to get enough sleep the night before and wake in the morning with plenty of time to get ready and double check last-minute details  (you don't want to feel rushed).

 Ask your best man and groomsmen to help with anything you may need that morning and don't forget to eat something. 


4. Giving Tokens of Gratitude
Your best man and groomsmen have been there for you and committed to stand by your side on your big day. Your guys have planned a bachelor party, attended rehearsals, and possibly even made travel arrangements to be there for the wedding. They've likely given advice and words of encouragement and a verbal "thank you" just won't cut it. 

As a groom, a little something to show your appreciation will mean more than you think. Some of our favorite gifts include personalized flasks, personalized cufflinks, engraved knives, and personalized toiletry bags, but the possibilities are endless. 

5. Keeping a Copy of Your Wedding Vow
When writing your own vows, it is always good to make a copy and keep it in a safe place (in your overnight bag, on your phone, or otherwise). Whether you write them down on a sheet of paper or in a keepsake book, we recommend having a copy right in front of you during the ceremony just in case your nerves get the best of you. 


6. Enjoying the Day
After making certain that all of the above is done and accounted for, you should then focus on enjoying the day with your bride. This is going to be one of the most unforgettable days of your life, so remember to smile and savor every moment.

7. Taking Charge of the Honeymoon Plan  
If you plan to leave on your honeymoon right after the wedding, take charge of the plans to keep your bride stress-free. Be sure your luggage is packed and in the car ready to go, including any necessary legal documents and passports. 


While this all may feel overwhelming, rest assured, it will all be worth it. Plus, when you have an amazing wedding planner, it doesn't seem quite so stressful. By doing your part as the groom, you're ensuring the day will go a little more smoothly and your bride will appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness, which is always a great start to life as a newly married couple. After all, the fairy tale is for two!
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