"I love helping MLE clients create lasting memories with their loved ones

that I know they’ll cherish for a lifetime."

Gabriel | Michelle Leo Events

Gabriel was tasked with the responsibility of organizing holiday events for his family and friends ever since he can remember. Having grown up in Rio, Brazil, Gabriel quickly acquired an appreciation for a good party. He speaks three languages (Portuguese, Spanish, and English) and his fluency has proven time and again to be a great asset to Team MLE.

Gabriel received his associates in graphic design and his eye for detail is unmatched. He’s never afraid to get his hands dirty while getting the job done and he loves seeing the details complete the design, thus bringing smiles to the faces of all in attendance. He values the importance of making great memories and finds that working in the event industry affords him the opportunity to do just that.

In his down time he loves decorating his home, baking goodies and spending time making lifelong memories with family and friends.