Happy New Year! Happy New Faces!


Friends, if you’ve made your way through the gorgeous new Michelle Leo Events website and have found yourself here, then know this: You just traveled through my entire heart and soul. And we’re about to get more personal than you probably thought possible.

If you’re starting your journey here on this blog post before navigating the beauty of this new website, then welcome! Please, come in and make yourself comfortable!  You have landed here in a safe and warm place with open doors, surrounded by a team of people who care.

And that right there is the entire purpose of this new website and journey that I’ve been on over the past 5 months: Creating a TEAM of people who care. MY TEAM. The Michelle Leo Events TEAM. Goodness! It feels so good to say that!

Allow me to explain…

For the past five years, I have served as the be all and end all of Michelle Leo Events. I birthed this business from the quietest place in my hopeful soul with reservations about how to do it, with fears regarding which paths to take and with visions and goals to create something beautiful and meaningful to all those I served.

But here’s the thing. I was all of it. My business was 100% me alone for a long time. Yup, me! Michelle Leo Cousins, serving every single one of her clients. But that also meant it was 100% of MY hopes, fears, mistakes, sleepless nights, successful events, awards, recognition and more. And guess what?!  It was wearing me down faster than I ever thought the success I experienced would. It took a rigorous two full years jam-packed to the brim with tons of events weekend after weekend, month after month, year after year before a recent vacation on the beach away from it all made me finally realize one thing… I couldn’t do it all by myself anymore.

I had created a demand that I alone could not possibly fill. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining that business is good, but I am being completely honest when I tell you how dirty my house is all the time, how I can hardly find the time to cook a homemade meal for me and my hubby, or put away the clean laundry that my husband graciously takes care of because I can’t. I’m lucky if I get a chance to eat lunch before 3PM and a bathroom break before 5 (TMI? Sorry, just being honest).

I needed support! I NEEDED a team! But oh, how scary it can be to take something you’ve built and entrust others to execute things, as I would have them done. It was down right gut wrenching to admit to myself that I couldn’t do everything anymore and still successfully serve my clients in the way they deserved to be served.

But somewhere on the sandy beaches of Antiqua, with a frozen mojito in my hand and the sound of waves crashing in the background, I felt content in my heart. For it was on a beach in the Caribbean that my head finally cleared and the weight of my heart finally lifted and I KNEW it was time to divert from the path I was on and embark on a journey with a team. A very special team that lives and breathes the Michelle Leo Events brand. A team that cares the way I care and has hopes and visions for each of the sweet clients who reach out to Michelle Leo Events with ideas of how to celebrate something meaningful in their life.

And I did you guys. I expanded. I extended an invitation to some incredibly talented, nurturing, amazing and creative women to help me take Michelle Leo Events to the next level.

I invite you to visit the Michelle Leo Events team as you spend some time here within these pages of my heart and soul.  I invite you to get to know these women who make me so damn proud I could cry. They have supported me in every single endeavor I have asked of them over the past year or longer and my heart just swells with pride when I think about the amazing things we’re about to do as a team. TEAM WORK. I know this may sound a little cliché but I’ve realized that it’s with this team that I’ll continue to make Michelle Leo Events, my dream (and now OUR dream) work.

So please! Come in. Come in! Pull up a cozy spot and stay a while. WE, the Michelle Leo Events TEAM have a lot to share with you!