The Wedding Guild Series: What to consider When Hiring a Wedding Photographer


Once you’ve found yourself fully invested in planning an epic wedding, you’ll need to decide how you want it documented. Do you prefer to have a videographer AND a photographer? Just a photographer? Not really sure? While this is a difficult decision for some and a no-brainer for others, it all comes down to personal preference. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family what they opted for and if they ended up happy with their decisions years later.

Hiring a photographer is a no-brainer. But what KIND of photographer should you hire? Budget plays a big factor here. While many couples think it would be wise to save money by hiring that one cousin who took that one photography class that one time, they are sadly mistaken and end up regretting this decision. While many friends and family are likely capable of taking a visually pleasing photo, this doesn’t make them a professional wedding photographer. A professional will have some very notable skills sets that set them apart from friends and family that have taken up photography as a hobby.

Notable style: Look for consistency within a photographer’s portfolio. If their portfolio is inconsistent, you risk receiving images you don’t connect with or love.

Time management: A skilled photographer knows how long it takes to organize groups for family and bridal party photos and plans accordingly.

Outgoing personality: You will spend a lot of time with your hired photographer so make sure you feel comfortable around this person. An outgoing personality helps as your photographer is responsible for getting large groups of family and friends together and making them smile.

Eye for design and styling: A great photographer should have an eye for styling and design. They should be able to capture great angles and document all the lovely details you poured time and budget into making perfect.

Hiring the right photographer will be one of the biggest (and maybe hardest) decisions you make in the planning process. Be sure to schedule interviews and have one-on-one conversations with any and all vendors you are considering. Keep the above key factors in mind and definitely choose to hire the photographer you strike a personal connection with and has a stye you love!

Check back for next week’s post as we share tips and tricks on what to consider when hiring a wedding videographer!

EducationEmily Driggs