Vogue’s Ultimate Wedding Planner Master List - MLE Is On It!!!!!


When Vogue reaches out expressing they have selected you to be included in their "Ultimate Wedding Planner Master List" you pinch yourself. But if I'm being honest, I did more than pinch myself. I almost caused my husband to get in a car accident. You see, I opened the email on my phone while sitting in the passenger side of the car as my husband was driving us somewhere... It was the end of a long day full of meetings, consults, logistics and everything in-between. I needed to catch up on emails and I was happy he was driving so that I could take a few minutes to review my new messages. As I was scrolling through the subject lines, I came across one that read "VOGUE.com Best Wedding Planners." 

I remember thinking to myself "Cool! I wonder who they're featuring ..." so I opened the email.

And then I read the email.

And then I screamed really loud (completely scaring my husband).

And then I almost cried. 

And among the pleading questions "WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?" coming from my concerned husband, I was able to say "ME! THEY PICKED ME! VOGUE PICKED ME!" 

Vogue had written to tell me Michelle Leo Events had selected by their team as one of the "bests" and in that moment, my world got that much better.

As a business owner, I can't express what it means to see your work pay off in big ways. At MLE, we strive to and love to make our clients happy. Seeing a bride with the biggest smile on her face when we present her wedding to her is one of the ultimate pay offs for me as the owner of this business. But another kind of pay off is having a worldwide-recognized name like VOGUE endorse all the blood, sweat and tears you put into making your passion a reality. You see, I've built something that I'm so proud of and it means the world to me when others recognize that my passion shows in my work.

I really have no words to describe what an honor it is to be included on Vogue's "best" list with my peers and those business owners and wedding planners whom I have looked up to and admired for so long (and still do to this day). It's surreal, and amazing, and exciting and I could go on and on and on...

Thank you to Vogue for all your faith in Michelle Leo Events and for honoring us with such an amazing recognition. And thank you for making me one of the happiest business owners ever.



(Pictured here is the MLE team at the Utah Best of State Awards Gala where we accepted our award for "Best Event Planner)

Michelle Leo Events | Voted An Ultimate Wedding Planner by Vogue
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