"j'aime planifier des mariages- C'est là où mon amour des

gens et des moments inoubliables se croisent." 


Mallory is a vibrant and enthusiastic gal with an eye for detail which allows her to create genuine and lasting relationships with an added personal touch. From a very young age, Mallory possessed a passion for event planning. Her parents have owned their own event planning company since she was in diapers and she's been involved in the high-paced action ever since. 

FUN FACT: Mallory is fluent in French so if you're headed to France to celebrate, or simply want to say  "Oui!" in Utah, she's your gal!

Mallory has experienced everything from planning large scale Las Vegas events to Utah's annual Best of State Gala. Since working with her parents, she's dabbled in every aspect of the planning process: locating amazing venues, creating beautiful florals, catering, producing and more. "I love planning weddings - It is where my love for people, beautiful places, food, flowers, fashion and once-in-a-lifetime moments find each other." Mallory even custom-designed her own major in college based on her dreams of being an event planner. 

A truly memorable person with a unique flare, Mallory loves sports, lipstick, shoes, camping, and anything chocolate (especially traditional Belgium hot chocolate), and lived in Europe for two years. "Fresh baguettes, Nutella crepes and foreign cheeses- oui oui!" But really, if you're going anywhere on an airplane take her with you. This girl LOVES to fly and dreams about landing in new and exciting destinations. She always finds an excuse to travel. Destination wedding? "Oui!" 

Mallory can't resist a good party and loves being the face behind a successful event and great guest experience. Her favorite aspect of event planning is seeing it all come together. Mallory believes in the magic of true love and she approaches weddings as the turning point in life where all things good and everlasting find each other.

When she's not busy exploring the world, you can find Mallory painting French cityscapes, trying out new recipes, Netflix binging and researching her next exciting voyage.