The Wedding Guild Series: Grooming the Groom


Gentlemen, as your big day draws near, it’s important to take some much-needed time to focus on yourself. Your bride has probably hired an entire hair and makeup team to help her get ready for the big day, but as the groom, you’re likely flying solo in the getting ready department.

Luckily for you, getting ready for the wedding doesn’t require the same amount of time as it does for the bride. However, there are still quite a few things you can do in advance to ensure you’re looking sharp when the time comes to walk down the aisle. Here’s an easy ten-step check list you can follow in the months and days leading up to the wedding to ensure you’re feeling and looking your best for your bride.

Days/Months Before the Wedding

#1) Make healthy choices: Eat healthy and find a workout routine that works for you. This doesn’t require a complete lifestyle change, but do be conscious of food choices so you’re feeling like your best self.  Over-indulging in carbs, alcohol and sugary treats will leave you feeling sluggish and induce brain fog. Make choices that leave the sugar rush in the dust by sticking to lean proteins and veggies. And drink lots of water! Your skin will look fresh and you’ll have a renewed energy level enabling you show off those moves and burn up the dance floor. Making healthy choices leading up to the wedding will have you and enjoying every last moment of the big day with your new bride, friends and family.

#2) Get a haircut: You want to look fresh and groomed for the big day, and that means getting a haircut. However, now isn’t the time to go bold and try something new. Stick to what you know works for you so you don’t end up regretting your look in all those wedding photos. Be sure to make an appointment with your regular barber or stylist so you don’t emerge from the chair with an unrecognizable do that is uncharacteristic of your everyday look.

#3) Invest in a Mani/Pedi: Did we lose you on this one? Well guess what? Mani/pedis aren’t just for the ladies! A professional service such as this includes so much more than a nail clipping. A professional will take care of dry cuticles, uneven nails, flaky skin, calluses and anything else that needs attending to. As an added bonus, you’ll probably enjoy a hot stone massage on the legs and a hand massage that can release stress and tension (something every groom experiences).

#4) Take care of your skin: This is a big one, guys. And there are several steps you can take to have your skin looking fresh and flawless, but the biggest factor in fresh skin is determining in advance what products work for you. There’s more to great skin than just washing your face, and it’s amazing what a great moisturizer can do. Invest the time in learning more about your skin type and determine what products will help cleanse and moisturize your skin including the elimination of grease. However, don’t try a bunch of brand new products all at once, and don’t try an unfamiliar product days before the wedding. Rather, get familiar with different products well in advance so you don’t have to worry about product-sensitivity and random breakouts just days before your wedding.

#5) Take the time to shave and trim: Looking well groomed on your wedding day should be top priority. However, if you don’t want a close shave, that’s fine! But do take time to trim your facial hair so everything is even and looking the best possible. If you decide a close shave is the right choice for you, be sure to utilize a fresh, high-quality razor to avoid painful razor burns or cuts from a dull blade.

#6) Don’t forget about the other parts: Nose, ears, eyebrows… trim, trim, trim. This might not be necessary for everyone, but for some it will make a difference. You can do the nose and ears yourself or have a professional do it. Either way, do not tackle your eyebrows on your own unless it’s something you’re familiar with doing and have done before.

#7) Perfect your oral hygiene routine: This is something you should already be doing, but you we suggest going an extra step and getting your teeth whitened. Or, schedule a deep cleaning prior to the wedding. You’ll be smiling for a plethora of pictures and knowing your teeth are clean and bright will give you added confidence. And let’s not forget how great you’ll feel about your pearly whites just before the big kiss!

#8) Sink the stink with effective deodorant: Not all deodorants are created equally. Find something that doesn’t smell too strong but works like a champ. If you sweat a lot, look into antiperspirant options. And test out different brands in advance of the big day to ensure you apply the best option for you when the time comes.

#9) Establish your signature scent: You might have cologne that you and your significant other prefer for special occasions instead of your every day scent, and that’s great! However, determine what scent you prefer for the big day in advance (note that this may warrant asking the bride what her preferred scent is for you on your wedding day. For example, she might prefer your everyday scent or she may be partial to an elevated scent given the occasion. Regardless of what scent you decide is right, don’t overdo it. 

Wedding Day

#10) Stick to your established routine: When the big day finally arrives, you’ll be satisfied knowing you’ve already invested in much of the work leading up to the big day. All that’s left to do is stick to the routines you have been working on! And on the morning of the wedding day, follow that routine: cleanse your face and apply your preferred moisturizer, brush and floss your teeth, apply a deodorant that yields results for your body, apply cologne, style your hair and you’re set! If you want a clean shave, do it on the same day, and if not, make sure to trim, trim, trim. If you follow this simple routine, you’ll be ready to put your best foot forward down the aisle and say, “I do!”

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