The Wedding Guild Series: Why Every Bride Needs a "Plan B"

Why Every Bride Needs a "Plan B" | Wedding Back-Up Plan | Michelle Leo Events | Utah Event Planner and Designer

Next up in The Wedding Guild Series, "Why Every Bride Needs a 'Plan B'" and what factors to consider when coming up with that plan. 

Being prepared for unforeseen weather is often forgotten about during the excitement of wedding planning. While unpredicted weather may be the least of your worries, MLE makes sure to plan for all of the possibilities… and here is why you should too!

As much as we wish we could, no one can control Mother Nature. It is important that you are prepared in case of a rainy day emergency. A change in the weather could affect your venue, budget, wedding day photography, hair and makeup, temperature and possibly more. Failing to have a Plan B for your wedding day will most definitely result in last minute chaos- chaos that can otherwise be avoided!

As important as it is to have a backup plan in place, MLE knows planning for the unexpected can be a difficult challenge, so we’ve put together a comprehensive list of things you’ll want to be aware of and will most definitely need to have covered to make sure you’re ready should Mother Nature reveal her ugly side on your big day.

Why Every Bride Needs a "Plan B" | Wedding Back-Up Plan | Michelle Leo Events | Utah Event Planner and Designer | Alixanne Loosle Photography

The Venue

As you are deciding on your venue, make sure to ask questions about a possible Plan B (ESPECIALLY if your wedding is outdoors):

  • Does the venue have an indoor area reserved if you have to move the wedding inside? (And if so, is it included in the contract or priced separately?)
  • If you are forced to move the event indoors inside, consider the capacity of both areas. Does the indoor space have the same guest capacity?
  • Has the venue ever experienced moving an event indoors at the last minute? How well did they handle the situation?
  • Does the venue have all the equipment you need in the backup space (tables, chairs, power, lighting, etc…) or would additional rentals be required?

The venue should be able to answer all of these questions for you and you can take the next step towards having a Plan B. If the venue is unable to answer these questions, move on to the next option on your list.


Not all venues have the option to tent an entire area to protect your guests from weather conditions. And we know most people choose their venue because of the beautiful scenery and would prefer not to have a tent blocking the view! If you find yourself in that situation, there is always the option of having a rental company enclose a deck, patio, gazebo, and much more with a clear wall option so that it does not take away from the scenery around you. Consider what type of equipment you might need to rent or possibly purchase for your wedding day to protect your guests from certain weather conditions and remember to budget for additional items (MLE suggests having a “Plan B” line item allocated in your overall wedding budget just in case it becomes necessary.)

  • Rain and Sun: While most brides worry about rain on their wedding day, the sun and heat can be just as frustrating to deal with. Providing (and budgeting for) umbrellas can protect guests from rain or UV Rays on a hot day.
  • Canopies are also a common option to protect guests from the rain, heat, or heavy winds.
  • Temperatures may drop drastically on a bad-weather day. Consider providing individual blankets, renting outdoor patio heaters, fire pits and a well-heated area where your guests will be comfortable if your reception is outdoors. Even if it doesn’t rain, temperatures can drop during evening hours leaving your guests feeling chilled.
  • Wind is just as bad, if not worse, than the rain and heat. If your wedding is outdoors, think about your décor and how many paper products you plan to use. The wind can make set up difficult in numerous ways. Consider the use of tablecloths and what will be placed on the tables. Top-heavy centerpieces can easily blow over, as well as other items such as menus and escort cards for assigned seating. Beautiful draping can also be problematic if it is not properly weighed down, make sure to have a plan for this just in case it gets too windy!
Why Every Bride Needs a "Plan B" | Wedding Back-Up Plan | Michelle Leo Events | Utah Event Planner and Designer | Alixanne Loosle Photography

Taking guest comfort into consideration is important (and trust us, they appreciate you thinking of their comfort in advance)! Guest satisfaction ensures they won’t leave the party a minute too soon.


The comfort level of your guests is important, but you can’t forget about your wedding vendors either! It’s equally important to make sure your vendors are taken care of in bad weather too.

  • Ensure everyone is on the same page and is fully aware of your Plan B. If you do end up executing Plan B, you want everyone to know exactly what changes will be implemented and what each vendor’s role is so that the transition will flow as smoothly as possible.
  • Talk to your vendors beforehand and engage them in putting together your Plan B. Chances are, they’ll have specific needs that must be met (for example, a string quartet cannot play their instruments in the rain, nor can they sit in the sun for too long because it damages their instruments). Vendors will appreciate being given the chance to express their needs for back up plans in advance. Additionally, they can help you come up with a plan B that you know will work.
  • Make sure you discuss with your photographer or videographer how to take advantage of predicted weather changes. If the possibility of the weather changing is likely, speak with them beforehand so that you know what to expect. And most importantly, trust them! They are experienced professionals who want nothing more than to make your day the best it can be!

By being open to vendor suggestions and needs, you’re sure to set up an executable Plan B that works for everyone, while creating unforgettable memories and pictures to look back on that spontaneous change of plans on your wedding day.

Make the Most of it!

Ultimately, if Mother Nature decides to disrupt your original wedding day plans, just roll with it! Attitude is everything and it’s important that you don’t let something like a little wind or rain ruin your big day. By having a Plan B, you’ve done your part and rest assured, you’ll be ready for a great day, despite what Mother Nature throws your way!


Better yet, if you’re working with MLE, we are always prepared with a backup plan! 

Why Every Bride Needs a "Plan B" | Wedding Back-Up Plan | Michelle Leo Events | Utah Event Planner and Designer | Alixanne Loosle Photography