"I love working with all kinds of personalities to create any

kind of event. There’s always a reason to celebrate!"


Mackenzie is a giving, playful, and a semi-sassy gal who believes life is all about experiences and there’s always a reason to celebrate. She feels truly blessed to be able to create memories that will last a lifetime for everyone involved and prides herself on her extreme attention to detail and her superb organization abilities.

FUN FACT: Mackenzie is a huge sports fan and plans her social schedule around sporting events! She's a member of a fantasy football league and spends her fall Sundays watching her players play. During the winter, she loves to spend evenings and Saturday afternoons watching college hoops with her Dad. However, as much as she loves football and basketball, soccer has won over her heart! Mackenzie is a Real Salt Lake season ticket holder and has dreams of going to a World Cup Final or Semi-Final. If you need someone to help plan your next big event AND keep you up to date on all the scores, Mackenzie is a great team player!

Mackenzie joins the MLE team with her Masters of Counseling and a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and offers the team a wealth of knowledge regarding different personalities and family dynamics.

Mackenzie also has a strong love for quality and fine design, describing her favorite aesthetic style as “country meets chic.” She loves combining elements such as copper and wood, to create something truly unique and fantastic.  

When Mackenzie isn’t busy executing fabulous events, you can find her at a soccer game, soaking up quality time with family and friends, cuddling her pup, playing with her niece, or stalking Spotify playlists to find her new favorite jam. She’s a lover of autumn, peanut butter, animals, ocean exploring, dance floors, anything-Disney, rainy days, and the Utah mountains.  Mackenzie also keeps a running wish list of travel destinations and believes a great pair of Steve Madden boots will change your life.